Hey fellow RUSU-lovers,

Welcome to the second RUSU-update from your Student Officers, feeding back on a manic week leading up our Town Takeover, but more about that later!

This week saw students taking part in new sports and societies completely for free! These ‘tester’ sessions were organised by Anna in the ‘Give it a go’ campaign. So many students, overwhelmed by Freshers’ Week, find themselves not signed up to the societies and sports they might have liked to join. This week over 200 students got the chance to give their preferred option a go, see if they liked the activity, then get involved – which is what RUSU’s all about really isn’t it?

If you’ve not seen it already, we’ve created a facebook group for our new non-licensed space (otherwise known as the old nursery). Name doesn’t sound too good does it? So we’re running a competition for a new name… Megan has suggested ‘She-Bam-Bam’, other (more sane) suggestions include ‘The Lounge’ & ‘The Sanctuary’. We want to know how you’d like to use the space, so see: to find out more!

new space

Student feedback forum went really well this week; we had a really good turn–out with lots of students attracted to finding out what we’ve been up to (and the free lunch!). Student Voice is this week, on Monday, (again, free lunch) and will be linking in with our priority campaign on the review of Higher Education Funding. Tommy has been working really hard on preparing a potential RUSU policy on HE Funding – which we will be debating the pros and cons of, followed by voting on whether RUSU should adopt it.  Student Voice will be 1 – 2pm in the RUSU Boardroom, but if you can’t make it please email with your vote!

As a team we’re already getting our thinking caps on for next term! Megan has been leading the planning for a campaign around mental health, so if you’re keen on getting involved drop her an email at or come to our meeting on Wednesday 25th November 1 – 3pm in the new non-licensed social space.

For those of you thinking more short-term, week 8 is going to see the launch of our highly exciting and revolutionary campaign; ‘Refer Back to Referencing’ – all know that there are absolutely no standards across Faculties, let alone across the University, when it comes to informing students about how and why we reference. There are instances when lecturers within a single department are advocating two or three completely different styles of referencing; not only is this thoroughly confusing to you, but it can also result in you being docked marks by applying valid referencing techniques to the wrong module. This campaign, lead by Tommy (  aims to drive home to the University that Faculties need to adopt a preferred referencing standard & provide in-lecture support and training on how to reference effectively. It sounds really boring I know but, when it can make the difference between a 2:2 or a 2:1, having a strong sense of how and why we reference will be important.


Last but certainly not least, Tommy, Emily and Sinead have been getting majorly excited about the Reading Town Takeover! – or for full details. We had a brilliant meeting with our Education Activists on Tuesday night, where we planned our week of stunts and events to raise awareness of the current review into HE funding. From piling our debt outside Palmer in the form of ‘swag bags’ to hosting a debate between the National Union of Students and the local politicians…there will be a lot going on starting this Saturday! But if you do NOTHING ELSE you should come along to the debate, Thursday 19th November 7pm in Palmer G10. The more people who turn up, the more seriously this issue will be taken – furthermore you should be bringing your friends, inviting classmates, talking about it to the old lady at the bus stop… ok so that’s how enthusiastic we are about this issue!

Can’t wait to see you all this week, for this campaign especially we’re hoping to get out of our offices (upstairs in the Union Hub, if you ever need us!) So remember to come and speak to us, can’t promise that we won’t start harping on about this HUGELY exciting campaign, but we can try!

Lots of RUSU-love,


Sinead, Tommy, Anna, Megan and Emily xxx


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  1. Tommy Says:

    Something funding this was comes… 🙂

    I love that the related posts to this are all about mercenary troops and global hostile takeovers 😉 xx

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